Signal is an open source intelligence monitoring, analytics and notification solution. It allows your organization to gain real-time and historical insights into events that matter.

The Idea

It’s no secret the internet has changed how we communicate. What fewer people realize is that this information can be critically important.

In 2011 we originally worked with a public safety agencies to develop Signal to help provide a safe environment during the Rugby World Cup – the biggest sporting event in the world during 2011. Our tool helped  public safety agencies raise awareness of developing situations, pinpoint hot-spots and proactively identify community needs in order to more efficiently deploy resources. Based on our early success, Signal has moved on to evolve as a specialist solution for the corporate security,  emergency management and public safety sectors.

Our Mission

We believe open source intelligence (OSINT) is revolutionizing the timeliness and accessibility of information. Beyond using that information to provide updates or communicate marketing messages, we believe there are many other key uses:

  • Corporate security
  • Emergency management
  • Campus Security 
  • Event management
  • Business continuity