Effective social monitoring requires better tools.


Decide on and filter your information needs, whether they are location, topic, person or event specific – or a mixture of all. Simply build your search filters to begin accessing information.


Clearly visualize mission-specific information in lists and map formats, ensuring maximum information transfer with minimum effort.


Real time and historic information can be utilized for strategic, tactical and operational decision making, ensuring maximum possible situational awareness.


Achieve maximum situational awareness at strategic, tactical and operational levels to support your goals, whatever they may be.


Maintain awareness of what is happening in real time.


Set multiple geolocation parameters to ensure you are getting information relevant to your location or location of interest.

Signal empowers the following organizations:

Law Enforcement

Respond to and anticipate criminal activity, identify potential witnesses, gather evidence and listen better to your community.

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Emergency Management

Improve situational awareness and communication during unforeseen events, supporting response and recovery efforts.

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Security and events

Manage and track social media activity during protests, events, locations and security to protect key executives, secure locations and strengthen situational awareness.

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