Enhance Your Situational Awareness During An Emergency

Better Situational Awareness

Save time and lives by rounding out your situational awareness with commentary, photos and videos posted online by the public and media.

Real-time Misinformation Management

Catch trolls in real-time or manage incorrect information before it spreads to the public and puts lives at risk, wasting precious time and resource.

Improve Agency Collaboration

Get a better view of what other agencies are doing during an emergency to ensure you allocate people effectively, saving time and money.

Designed To Let You Get On With Saving Lives During Emergencies...

Sophisticated Live Stream   Signal puts complete control in your hands with it’s real-time live stream service. Play, pause and stop streams to cut through the noise and create live stream groups for effective stream management.

Rapid Setup When
Disaster Strikes

Emergencies happen without warning. You can't afford to waste precious time, so you need a tool that's flexible and fast enough to react to the situation.

Keep Your Team
Ahead Of The News

Misinformation and media can cause havoc in an emergency. With a real-time feed of hyper targetted data you'll most likely stay ahead of the noise.

Stay Alert To
Mission Critial Changes

If you're not at the Command Center but need to stay on top of important changes; email and SMS alerts are there to keep you updated in real-time.

... And Stay On Top Of Seasonal Threats


Monitor Known
Hot Spots

Keep an eye on local hot spots all year round, or during troublesome seasons like wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes and cyclones.


Effortlessly Plan
Your Year

Reduce stress and optimize your time by setting up Signal to start when your seasonal threats begin. And stop when they end.


Prioritize What's Important

Getting results that matter is paramount when lives are at risk. With Signal you can prioritize the most important alerts to make sure they are seen.

Specifically Tailored For
Emergency Management Agencies

Fire Departments

Signal is helping some fire departments save lives in city and rural locations.

Community Emergency Response Teams

Signal helps community driven emergency response teams who either rely on volunteers or are fully stand alone.

National or State Emergency Services

Signal already helps state emergency services monitor seasonal threats and react to emergencies.

To Learn How Signal Can Help You...