Be The FIRST To Know
When It Comes To...

Executive Protection

Mitigate potential risk to your executive team. Be ahead of threats when executives travel, appear in public or during their personal life.

Physical & Digital Asset Protection

Keep an eye on threats to your property (retail/branch networks, factories and corporate headquaters/offices), machinery, equipment and vehicles.

Supply Chain Protection

Get real-time insight into your supply chain. Monitor supplier production facilities and transport routes. Receive alerts to potential threats as soon as they arise.

Information gathering
Designed To Let You Get On With Your Day (or Night)...

Sophisticated Live Stream   Signal puts complete control in your hands with it’s real-time live stream service. Play, pause and stop streams to cut through the noise and create live stream groups for effective stream management.

Get Notified First

Triggered email alerts let you carry on with your work knowing Signal has your back, waiting to send you alerts when potential threats are on the rise.

Never Miss Major Threats

Prioritize your most critical threats to guarantee you hear about them first, via SMS alerts to your phone, or within your command center.

Hands Free Operation

Plan out your year in advance or upcoming events you need to stay on top of allowing you and your team to get on with what's important today.

... And Stay Ahead Of New Threats
Before They Escalate

Monitor Important Locations

Online chatter at key locations, whether you're protecting travelling staff or assets, can provide an early warning for potential threats.

Get Useful Results

Cut out the noise of the internet and focus on what's important to you. With hyper targeted search queries ready to alert you to new threats first.

Easy Reporting

Run reports keeping your leadership team abreast of identified threats so they can keep on top of "Duty of Care" responsibilities and risk mitigation.

Specifically Tailored For
Corporate Security Professionals

Banking & Finance

Signal already helps some of the worlds most recognizable financial organizations protect their key executives, branch networks and corporate headquaters from potential threats.


For retailers with national or global reach, where protection of supply chains, key executives, retail assets and stock is paramount.

Energy & Utility

Signal is used by North American energy companies to protect operation centers, distribution networks and key executives.

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