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When It Comes To...

Community Safety

Put a finger on the "pulse" of your community to ensure resources are allocated with citizen safety in mind and to mitigate potential threats before they escalate.

Situational Awareness

Know what's happening on the ground 24/7 - especially during major events or incidents. Feed insight into your team for maximum impact.

Be Proactive

Keep up to date with email and SMS alerts to ensure you are providing proactive support to your commmunities.

Find Information
Designed To Free You Up For More Important Duties...

Sophisticated Live Stream   Signal puts complete control in your hands with it’s real-time live stream service. Play, pause and stop streams to cut through the noise and create live stream groups for effective stream management.

More Foresight

Plan for upcoming events in your community allowing you and your team to get on with what's important today.

Useful Results

Only see what's important with hyper targeted search queries ready to alert you to new relevant information.

Always Notified

SMS and email alerts to your phone mean you don't need to be at your desk to keep abreast of new information as it comes to hand.

... And Stay On Top Of New Threats
Before They Escalate

Operation Center Friendly

Monitor live feeds of new and relevant information to stay on top of every new threat as it happens.

Always Alert

Prioritized signals mean you can act fast when major incidents occur or noticable trends emerge.

Never Slow

Real-time feeds of highly targetted information mean you're among the first to find relevant results.

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