Effective public safety requires better tools.


Keyword Search

A search enables you to filter the web for specific information. This could be keywords, locations and more.
Each search can have one or many filter layers as required.


Flags & Alerts

When you see an important post you are able to flag it. All posts that you have flagged for your attention will show on the flags & notes page. You can view, create and manage email alerts for different tasks, updates and events.



In addition to keyword searching, Signal allows you to capture open source intelligence that has originated in a specific geographical location.



Notifications help you remain ‘in the loop’ on a developing situation, receive workflow request from other users and monitor system status health and updates. Notifications provide a real time, in browser, visual ‘popup’ when an email alert is generated, a post is flagged for their attention or they are added to a team.



Search filters

Create simple or complex geo and keyword searches using drag and drop icons to capture real time data across multiple sources

Boolean logic for complex search

Boolean operators enable you to choose how your search layers work with each other using Boolean logic.


View the results of your searches. Each of your searches is shown on a tile and you can have multiple tiles within a group.


In addition to keyword searching, geolocation allows you to capture social media posts that have originated in a specific geographical location.


Receive notifications to your dashboard about important events or when colleagues share content with you.


Create flags for other yourself or multiple users, and have notifications sent to alert them of the flag


Email Alerts

Automatically generate email alerts to multiple users when user defined parameters are met