Don’t Wait For The News To Tell You About A Threat Outside

When Nur Islam became frustrated over a routine withdrawal at a Commonwealth Bank branch in Melbourne on November 18 2016, he poured petrol onto the carpet and set the building on fire, injuring himself and dozens of others.

The $2.5 million building in Springvale was soon destroyed.

Some of the first alerts to Commonwealth Bank’s staff, executives, owners, patrons and passers-by came from social media posts and ‘What we know so far’-style updates from online newspapers, full of urgent bits of information.

Lives were irreversibly changed that day; millions of dollars in insurance had to be paid out; injured staff had to be compensated and healed. Commonwealth Bank also had to protect customers’ sensitive information while ensuring communications around the attack were accurate and helpful.

 Get Faster Responses to Developing Danger

Part of Signal’s job is to aggregate online notifications around threats to buildings and the staff inside which affect business and personal safety in various ways.

Signal monitors online traffic, from social media to news to emergency alerts to the dark web, and can be set to notify any business instantly about

•         Fire and weather emergencies that might spill over into my building.

•         Political events happening, from nearby terrorism to far-away occurrences

•         Issues at airports, from terrorism to flight delays to blizzards

Signal lets users with large assets, distributed workforces and global reach especially large corporations and top banks in Australia, NZ and the US, pre-empt, prevent and develop strategic responses to emerging situations.

 Watch The Web and Respond Faster

Signal Open Source Intelligence assists a business’s 'Duty of Care' by

1. Letting you be the first to know – saving precious minutes

2. Covering many platforms – enabling you to monitor local and global events through news, social media and emergency services

3. Increasing situational awareness by corroborating real-time visual data

4. Monitoring community chatter and reputation in the incident aftermath

Signal lets you monitor everything affecting your organisation’s real and potential crises, staff safety, supply chain, fraud risks, cyber security and reputation – not to mention threats to your buildings whether from humans or hurricanes.

Signal has a global customer base that includes major corporations across finance, retail, pharmaceutical, and technology industries who utilize Signal to stay aware of potential threats to safety and security.

In Australia and New Zealand, Signal uses heightened situational awareness and real-time intelligence to monitor, gather, and analyse potential risks then make informed decisions to speed incident response time while reducing overhead costs.

Don’t let a failure to watch the web cost your company. or email

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