Seeing in the Dark - Exposing the Dark Web

There is plenty of online information regarding the dark web – mostly accurate, although it can be daunting to understand the various nuances. One of the better overviews I have seen can be seen at

The article and supporting infographic provide a good summary of the various ‘layers’ of the Internet and how they can be accessed.

Understanding that, by its very nature, the Dark Web is the place to lurk out of sight, which makes it a logical source of information and vehicle to perform nefarious or illegal activities.  

These conversations and activities may be relevant to Signal subscribers, hence the addition of Dark Web as a data source for Signal Gold subscribers.

Examples of activities that have been identified from dark web content include;

  • Online markets selling stolen and fake goods

  • Impersonation of individuals or organizations

  • Details in regard to hacking or incitement to hack

  • Reputational risk via fake news or impersonation

  • Illegal activities such as drugs and drug paraphernalia

One of the benefits that Signal provides is the ability to review the dark web post content (text only) without needing to utilize a Tor browser – simply review the content from within your Signal browser session.

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 11.44.00 AM.png

Dark Web is available today for Signal subscribers with a gold or better subscription– if you are interested in more information in regard Signal or the dark web content, then contact us

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