How Transport Operators Could have Increased Situational Awareness During a Stabbing

When a man went on a rampage in a train station, brandishing a knife and screaming “kill all muslims”, terrified bystanders were quick to take to social media to warn others of the danger and provide potentially valuable insight.

When passengers noticed the man was armed with a knife they began triggering the train alarms. Police had been alerted to the situation, but there was about ten minutes of chaos and panic before reinforcements arrived.

Social media is often the first point of contact and can provide important updates to help with situational awareness. Valuable online accounts could inform transport operations centers, to provide additional insight over and above the train alarms that were triggered.

It is in these vital minutes that operations centers would be able to get actionable intelligence, in order to ensure they were fully informed as to what was happening and make required calls to delay trains, or similar matters of operation.

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