Signal Facts

  • We monitor open source information only
  • We do not breach privacy laws
  • We cannot search or access people’s emails
  • We comply with countries' legislations
  • We comply with the Terms & Conditions of online platforms


Q) Can we have more than one Administrator?
A) Yes. The release of version 3.0 changed the options around Admins. You are now able to have as many users with 'Admin' privileges as you wish. This Admin privilege is in addition to your user level, for example Search or Power Analyst.

Q) Can Signal See Private Posts?

A) No. Signal can only see publicly available information, information the user has agreed to be publicly view-able when they signed up for their social media account.

If information was private than you would likely need a warrant/subpoena to see each post.

You cannot accidentally breach anyone's privacy using Signal.

Q) Can I Access Signal On A Mobile Phone or Tablet?

A) Yes, the Signal platform is mobile responsive and can be viewed on any screen size.