Get Real-time Intelligence
When It Comes To...

Student & Faculty Safety

Keep faculty, staff and students safer and look after their wellbeing by picking up on concerning social chatter on campus or in surrounding areas.

Property Protection

Protect your campus by focusing on individual locations like stadiums, equipment, classrooms, dorms and fraternaties.

Event Safety

Ensure the safety of staff and spectators at any event hosted on your campus. Listen out for potential threats to public safety or enhance your intelligence when incidents occur.

Social Media Monitoring
Designed To Give You Greater On Campus Awareness...

Operation Center Friendly

Monitor a live feed of new and relevant intelligence from your operations center, so you're on top of threats as they arise.

Be Event Ready

Plan for upcoming events by building out your calendar when your team has the time, so they are free and focused on "game day".

Location Intelligence

Receive intelligence at specific locations. Geo-fence stadiums and buildings. Target campus trouble spots.

... And Stay On Top Of Potential Threats
For A Safer Campus

Never Miss Major Threats

Be on top of critical threats to student and staff safety and wellbeing. By prioritizing what's important you're making sure you're among the first to be notified.

Sophisticated Live Stream   Signal puts complete control in your hands with it’s real-time live stream service. Play, pause and stop streams to cut through the noise and create live stream groups for effective stream management.

Stay On Top Of Things

SMS and email alerts to your phone mean you'll keep on top of the important things when you're not at your desk, so you're ready to answer questions as they arise.

Easy Reporting

Run reports to keep your leadership team abreast of identified threats so they can keep on top of "Duty of Care" responsibilities and risk mitigation.

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