We've Just Made Your "2017 Planning" a Whole Lot Easier

Wouldn't it be great to put your 2017 planning into action now?

With Signal's latest feature "Timer" you can now do all the work up front leaving you time to get on with the important stuff.

How "Timer" Works

If you have important events on the horizon, simply use "Timer" to set up searches to run for a specific time and date range.

Saving you precious hours during emergencies and ensuring your key events aren't missed.

Whether you need a search to run for 3 hours or 3 months, Timer is flexible enough to accommodate any time frame.

It works great for:

  • Corporate Security teams who have executives attending a conference or travelling on certain dates
  • Emergency Management teams who have seasonal events running over a few months, like bush fires or hurricanes
  • Public Safety professionals who have big sporting events coming up or during peak traffic times when road safety is important

    As well as introducing Timer, we've also made other improvements to help save our customers time. Find out more below.

Never miss key events

With Timer, you can now plan ahead and set searches to run during a specific time and date range; so searches automatically start and stop. This saves you precious hours during emergencies and ensures important events aren't missed.

Find searches faster

It's now even quicker to find out who created and modified a search.

A new column lists the email address of the person who last updated the search.

Easy Search, made easier

Like Advanced Search, with a few keystrokes, customers can now zoom in on a country, city or town when creating an Easy Search - it doesn't get any easier than that!

Want more information?

If you'd like a demo of Signal or our new "Timer" feature, simply email steve@getsignal.info to arrange an appointment or schedule a demo.

By Steve Milligan, Signal Vice President - Product

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