Signal 3.0 - Part 4: Query Builder Refresh


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This is the fourth part in our blog series detailing the development of Signal 3.0. Each blog provides information on a specific element of the release. Here we follow on from the previous blog that looked at at the changes with reporting visualizations to the refresh of the Query Builder.

Query Builder

Building searches just got even easier. The SOC, stream and Geo pages will display easy to understand results in raw, aggregated and graphical formats. But, for them to work most effectively you need to give them relevant content. This is done by creating queries which filter the various open source intelligence (OSINT) sources. Rapid, simple searches will still be able to be made with the Easy Search functionality, but Advanced Searches will benefit from the new version of our query builder.

We have been rightly proud of our query builder so far and we are now making it even easier to use and more powerful. Not just a makeover – some significant new options will be included.

·         Even clearer selection of sources

·         Multiple source selection

·         Emoji searching

·         Add labels to your search layers

·         Jargon free language

·         On screen help

In addition to the above you will also be able to use the query builder to search more accurately across your own archived data.

We will continue to allow our clients to build their user experience and provide license models to support maximum flexibility and value.

Steve Milligan
VP Product

If you have any questions or would like further information regarding the any changes, please get in touch.

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