Signal 3.0 has arrived!

The initial release of Signal 3.0 is here. We have created a framework in the form of new menus that will enable multiple updates throughout the rest of 2016 and into the future.


This is where most of the changes are and they include:

  • New menu groupings
  • New pages
  • Updated page names
  • Re-organised sub menus

Let’s have a look at the new Menu groups:

  • SOC (Signal Operations Center)
  • View
  • Search
  • Notifications


The SOC brings together a number of dashboards that present differing types of information that can be viewed in an operational context. There are currently three dashboards planned:

  • Overview. This is the new name for the old 'Dashboard'. This displays the same information that has previously been under the umbrella of the SOC.
  • Alarms. This is a dashboard that aggregates and surfaces information about the status and priority of your searches. The new Query Builder will enable you to attribute a low, medium and high priority, and tags added to your searches will be displayed here. On-screen notifications, email & SMS alerts relating to searches will also be displayed. This feature will be released fully in the last quarter of 2016.
  • Spotlight. This feature will enable you to select results at the Group, Search or Post level and drill into appropriate data such as emotions expressed, keywords, authors and hashtags in relation to those emotions, emergent topics, relational analysis and image analysis. Release will commence Q4 2016 and be an iterative process.


View brings together the main ways to view your results. Stream and Geo remain the same but Reports contains a new feature:

  • Reports - Power BI. Power BI brings you the full capabilities of Microsoft’s flagship business intelligence tool and allows you to visualize and filter your information in multiple ways.


  • Sub Menus. Search is one area that we can see some changes to sub menus (page tabs within a page). These changes have been made in an effort to better place similar options in the same location and here you will see that Groups and Managed Sources have been taken from Organisational Settings and placed here with other search related options.


A single location to view and manage all notifications.

  • Flags & Notes. See your on-screen notifications - peer to peer and from Signal.
  • Alerts.  Here you can see email notifications (creation, management and recent alerts) and SMS notifications (coming soon).

Keep an eye out for an update around Signal v3.1, our next major release in the pipeline!

Please note that features, and the ability to see and access them, may be dependent upon the licence model used by your organisation and also your User access level.

If you have any questions regarding your access or the new changes, please get in touch with us.

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