Signal 3.0 - Part 2: Signal Operations Center


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The Story So Far

This is Part Two of our new blog series detailing the development of Signal 3.0. Each blog provides information on a specific element of the release. Here we follow on from the previous blog that looked at the new menu, and look at the item right at the top of the new menu -  the Signal Operations Center (S.O.C.).

S.O.C. – Signal Operations Center

This new feature will provide three aggregated information dashboards in a single location delivering targeted operational information ensuring users surface what is important to them.

Within the SOC are three pages (dashboards) each surfacing different elements of data from your results to provide maximal situational awareness.


Overview - This is currently called the Dashboard and surfaces aggregated information on results such as top hashtags, authors and keywords, plus system information such as license status and data use.

Alarms - surfaces alerts and alarm information. The capabilities of the new query builder (more on that in a later blog), will empower users to attribute a priority to searches which will show as visual alarms.

Spotlight – drill down into results on fields such as:

  • Emotions – Use emotion as a filter to drive understanding of operational impact. Visually filter for emotion types and analysis of associated users, keywords and hashtags.

  • Emerging trends – discover events and issues that may be hidden within your results via weighted tag clouds displaying trending topics and events.

  • Risk analysis – see authors who are potentially at risk of self-harm or suicide via post analysis and risk scoring

Each element of the S.O.C. will offer differing insight and in the next blog in this series I will be looking at our new reporting capabilities.

Steve Milligan
VP Product

If you have any questions or would like further information regarding the new changes, please get in touch.

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