Signal 3.0 - Part 1: A New Menu

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The Story So Far

This is the first in a series of blog posts detailing upcoming releases, taking place over the second half of 2016, which will make up our transition to Signal 3.0. Each blog will provide information on a specific element of the release of Signal 3.0. To begin we will introduce our redesigned main menu.

When planning potential features and functions the most important consideration for us is will it be valuable to users. If the answer is ‘no’ then I am afraid it’s not likely to happen. Before I can make this assessment though it is critical for me to know the answer to that question and the best way to ensure that is to listen to users.

So what do they want Signal to do? Simply put it's to provide the ability to make sense out of the flood of open source data, separate the Signals from the noise, and surface this ‘sense’ in as easy to understand format as possible. We are proud of how we have been doing that so far but we are about to introduce some updates over the second half of 2016 that make some game changing improvements – Signal 3.0.

A New Menu

As we are adding a number of new features, and reorganizing some existing ones it is important that the menu system is updated to reflect these changes and ensure easy access to all features.

You will be able to see form the menu image alongside that there are a few new words and that framework of the menu is now modular with functions grouped into features.

This new menu gives us a framework that we can use to add upcoming (and future) functionality into Signal while maintaining a menu system that is clear and usable with as few mouse clicks as possible.

You will see that the menu shows a feature – SOC/View/Search etc., and within each is shown the various available functions – Overview/Alarms/Spotlight etc. Looks exciting eh? The following blog posts coming out over the next few weeks will provide details of what these new menu items mean and how you will soon be able get even more value from Signal.

Steve Milligan
VP Product

If you have any questions or would like further information regarding the new changes, please get in touch.

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