Be faster than the Wildfire - New SMS Alerts at Signal

Continuing our focus on ensuring we are meeting customers expectations, we're pleased to announce Signal's new SMS Alerts as well as a few other innovations.

Here's why one of our customers thought it was such a good idea:

"With all the other things going on in my inbox, it's easy for search notifications to get lost. SMS alerts would be great so I'm notified immediately when an important search gets a result"

So, what do SMS Alerts mean for you?

Get alerts on the go

Get real-time alerts when you're not at your desk. Signal Search+ users can set up SMS alerts and get 100 SMS/month while Power Analyst's can get up to 1000 SMS/month.


Easier monitoring

It's now even easier to monitor searches. We've prioritized the dashboard with our customers needs in mind (and you can easily monitor the usage of SMS alerts too).


Faster searching

To speed up the time it takes our customers to build their searches they can now turn an Easy Search into an Advanced Search with just one click.


Find out how Signal can save you time.

If you'd like to know more about Signal, or if you're interested in our new SMS Alerts and how they could save you and your organization time, schedule a free demo today.

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