Quickly Identify Hotspots & Boost Situational Awareness

Introducing the New Alarms Operations Center

When disasters or mission critical situations arise, public safety professionals need the ability to act fast and be alerted at the same time as managing day-to-day operations.

To help public safety professionals easily recognize when critical events are happening and maintain maximum situational awareness, we have introduced the Alarms Operations Centre.

Alarms was designed to help Signal users increase efficiency when interpreting intelligence, so they have more time and energy for taking action and responding to critical events.

By zeroing in on the key information needed for actionable insights, Alarms allows you to prioritize search results and figure out the best course of action, faster.

Viewed on the Alarms dashboard, you no longer need to constantly check the search on the Live Stream view, saving you time and helping operations to move swiftly and effectively.

Alarms enables you to filter your information by Low, Medium and High priority, achieving situational awareness with ease.

It is quick and easy to access and the dashboard presents results in an at-a-glance view, so you can interpret results easily. Selecting a priority is simply done within the Query Builder while you are building a search. You will then be notified by a visual alarm when relevant results are identified.

How can I use it?

‘High Priority’ alarms are great for setting up very specific search filters, that may not see any results on a regular basis. However, in the long term the query will pick up the very important and accurate results that lead to highly actionable intelligence. You likely won’t need to be checking these results on a daily basis, so using Alarms is a great way to be notified when a post finally hits a very targeted search. It helps you to pinpoint the critical search results – in an instant - so you don’t have to sort through low priority searches to find the intelligence you need.

The dashboard is handy to have on view at all times, so could be placed on the ‘big screen’ as part of an operations center. It is an alternative view to the Live Stream, for when you want a high-level overview rather than depth of detail. Once an alarm has been triggered, you can then click through to view posts in detail.

One possible use case would be monitoring a sporting event. Searches can be prioritized as follows:

  •          No priority - General geofence searches  
  •          Low Priority - Traffic issues 
  •          Medium Priority - Crowd disturbance/crushing 
  •          High Priority - Bomb threats/personal threats

How does it work?

When creating your search, you now have the option to assign a priority (the default is to have none).


These priorities, Low, Medium and High, are then displayed in Alarms to let you know an important result has been identified.

When a new post triggers your prioritized search filter, a visual alert will show in the Alarms page, together with information on the search and the ability to view the triggering post’s details.


Please Note: This release will be the first iteration of the Alarms page with enhancements released in the near future. The Alarms page is only available to Search+ and above users. Please contact us for more information about Alarms if you would like to access it.

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